Thursday, May 5, 2022

Stand back — it's nearly time for Night of 1000 Stevies

Photo Sunday by Stacie Joy 

After being sidelined for two long pandemic years, Night of 1000 Stevies is back! 

Described as "the largest and most beloved STEVIE NICKS fan event in the world," the 30th edition ("Jackie Factory Presents: Night Of 1000 Stevies 30 — Book Of Stevie") takes place tomorrow (Friday!) night at Sony Hall on West 46th Street. 

Pictured here are longtime East Village residents and show founders (from left) Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell. (Not pictured: their crew at the Jackie Factory.) 

Read more about the show — "a riot of shawls, lace, baby's breath, twirling, tambourines and great performance" — right here. Find ticket info at this link.


Anonymous said...

Celebrity worship never ceases to amaze. I might stop by just to try and understand the draw. Looks like a ball!

Anonymous said...

The draw is...STEVIE NICKS!!!

The Jackie Factory NYC said...

It's about the woman, the music, the style and the magick! (Celebrity worship is the least of it) Thanks Stacie and E.V. Grieve for the lovely piece and we look forward to seeing all the Stevie and NOTS fans tomorrow night after such a long pause.

Anonymous said...

Chi Chi and Johnny, you're both as big as icons as Stevie herself! What I wouldn't give for a time travel back for one more Tuesday night at Mother's. My first years in New York were all they were supposed to be, thanks to you and that craziness. Strangers to the scene would never get it, or what the city really was like at that bygone era.