Monday, February 8, 2010

An end to the St. Mark's DOB guessing game

We were just getting started earlier today guessing what the DOB stood for with Michael Huynh's new eatery...I liked Goggla's pick: Douchebaggery or Bust.

Anyway! Those spoilsports at Eater had to actually go get the answer from the man himself. As they reported:

[H]e reports it stands for Date of Birth. Those little ones between the letters represent his d.o.b., November 1 (see also: Bao 111). When the restaurant opens it will serve French Vietnamese fare with breakfast and brunch offered all day. There will be a dinner menu, a late night menu, and a $29 prix fixe. His friend and onetime business partner Pichet Ong is in charge of dessert.

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