Thursday, April 8, 2010

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

A mystery home on Charles Street (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

More fun under the Avenue A sidewalk shed (Neither More Nor Less)

Thurston Moore's school of white noise (Flaming Pablum)

Remembering Wendy O. Williams (This Ain't the Summer of Love)

What taxi date can tell us about NYC (Streetsblog)

Barf — a Subway to open on Delancey and Allen (BoweryBoogie)

Check out the Film Forum's newspaper movie series (Nonetheless)

Cooper Union's outdoor urinal (EV Heave — warning, page contains barf photos too)

We love John Penley's photo blog (JPenleyPix)

... and NYC Taxi Photo

... and Greenwich Village Daily Photo

Pee phone now charging (East Village Corner ... Musings by Melanie)

Checking out the new Thai place on Clinton Street (With Leftovers)

An EV Grieve reader sent along these shots from lower Fifth Avenue... where it seems as if the animals...

...are lining up for the bistro truck...

Walid menswear is going out of business on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue... always liked that Walid sign...

We also received several e-mails about gunshots last evening...

"A little after 6 we were walking on Avenue A in front of Benny's when we heard a loud POP. Someone in front of us ducked a little bit. There was some nervous laughter. Someone eating outside of Benny's said, "Was that a gun" to his friends. It turned out someone popped a tire on their bike."


"I was on Stanton and Attorney last night when I heard two gunshots coming from about a block east. I couldn't see what was going on out the window, but I saw people looking that way, and then the undercover cops and a patrol car headed that way. Anyway, I was curious to find out if you heard anything about it."

And Malcolm McClaren has died at age 64. He managed the New York Dolls and Sex Pistols, among many other things...

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