Sunday, April 11, 2010

Famous people looking at buying East Village home

According to a Hollywood Life exclusive, Katy Perry, who is famous for some reason, and her beau Russell Brand, are house shopping around these parts...

An eyewitness tells us she ran into the wacky couple walking into an open house at an apartment building in the East Village on April 11, just as she was walking out.

Dressed like they hadn’t changed since going out the night before — our eyewitness says Russell was wearing skintight leather pants, while Katy was sporting a skin-tight mini skirt with lace print and platform shoes — the couple checked out the two bedroom apartment in the village’s Alphabet City neighborhood. And although we couldn’t get an asking price out of her, our eyewitness did tell us that she heard Russell ask if he could use the bathroom, which is apparently a big no-no at open houses.

Hmmm... the Copper Building had an open house today... Here are other open houses today that fit the bill...

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