Friday, April 2, 2010

New York City in photos 1978-1985, take two or three

We posted our first set of photos by Michael Sean Edwards back on Feb. 10... Since then, Michael has been busy uploading more photos to his Flickr account from 1978-1985 (and one from 1988)... and thanks to Michael for letting us repost these...

Times Square subway station 1979:

147 Avenue A from 1984:

Cooper Square from 1980:

Avenue A near St. Mark's from 1984:

Avenue A near St. Mark's Place from 1984:

In a Seventh Street studio from 1978:

From 1988: And Michael could use some help identifying this intersection... he doesn't remember the location...

See his Flickr page here.


Mykola Dementiuk said...

Great photos! In my still to be released ebook "Variety, the Spice of Life" it has parts which play a roll in the novel, The Eastside Bookstore on St Marks Place was one. Thanks for the pics, I found it in his amazing collection. My ebook should be released later this year from eXtasy Books.

Lambda Awards Finalist 2010/Bisexual Fiction for Holy Communion. Won the 2009 Rainbow Award for Best Overall Bisexual/Transvestite book and 2nd place for 2009 Rainbow Awards: Best Coming of Age / Young Adult Novel

Adam A said...

evgrieve... do you know how to get in touch w/ this photographer? id love to buy some of these shots of his you've been posting as prints


EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Adam... You can track him down via Facebook (Michael Sean Edwards).... I'll drop him a note to make sure it's OK to post his e-mail.

Glad you like the shots!

blueglass said...

if i'm not mistaken the bini bon where jack abbot stabbed a waiter was on the corner of 5th street and second avenue. their second location. after that it became cooper square diner (now across the street) and the wave, or whatever that techno place was called.

LV said...

Love these!! I wish I had lived in the EV back in the 70s/80s. To me this is the "real" New York.

Anonymous said...


You are correct, sir. Though you have commented in the wrong story / topic.

EV Grieve said...

If you are interested in purchasing prints, you may contact Michael at: