Saturday, April 10, 2010

Report: East Village burglar has hit nine apartments in last month

Fox News has the following report:

The NYPD is investigating a series of burglaries in the East Village. The brazen burglar has struck at least nine apartments from March 10 through April 3, police said.

He even hit one building twice in one day -- once in the morning and once at night, the NYPD said.

The nine apartments are in the East Village from East 13th Street to East 8th Street from Avenue C to 3rd Avenue.

He usually comes through a window or back door, but on March 17 he came through the roof of a building on East 9th Street to burglarize the top floor apartments, police said. The owner of that apartment believes there were at least two burglars.


The New York City Police Department is asking for the Public's assistance identifying the male wanted for a series of Burglaries that occurred within the confines of the 9th Precinct, details are as follows:

1. 03/10/10 at 1600 suspect entered 410 East 13 St apt 3A through Roof/sliding door
2. 03/10/10 at 0730 suspect entered 410 East 13 St apt 6B through window
3. 03/12/10 at 1600 suspect entered 416 East 11 St through rear door
4. 03/14/10 at 1800 suspect entered 316 East 11 St Apt 4c through window
5. 03/14/10 at 2000 suspect entered 121 St. Marks Plc through window
6. 03/17/10 at 1900 suspect entered 339 East 9 St through window
7. 03/17/10 at 2300 suspect entered 343 East 9 St through roof
8. 03/20/10 at 0149 suspect entered 207 Ave B through window
9. 04/03/10 at 2210 suspect entered 153 Ave C through window


ak said...
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ak said...

oh, wait. delete that last comment. just reread the post.

i'm surprised that the times are that late, actually.

Anonymous said... wouldnt help the window entries, but we just put door devils on our doors to stop kick-ins. combined with our "killer" maltese and my 9mm, hopefully we are ready for this guy.

Adam said...

FYI: I was burglarized on East 11th Street between A and B in mid-January in a similar manner, but the NYPD apprehended two people with some of my property. These guys were said to be operating around Manhattan. Case is still pending.

Wondering if these incidents are related, or if unrelated are they indicative of rising crime in the neighborhood?

EV Grieve said...

Glad to hear that the two were arrested.... I really do think these break ins are indicative of the rising crime in the neighborhood — and city... Someone unsuccessfully tried to break into my apt building about six weeks ago....