Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And now, video of Speedo-clad revelers celebrating the Giants Super Bowl victory on Third Avenue

Remember on Sunday night, when we posted something about some New York Giants fans/NYU students in Speedos celebrating the Super Bowl victory on Third Avenue and 11th Street?

Yeah, anyway. There's video.


Marty Wombacher said...

I could only stomach 29 seconds of that. I'm so glad I stayed home that night!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I beat you! I made it to 41! (wait, who really wins?)

esquared said...

i'm at an office/building now where the parade route is at, and it's really annoying -- within and without. on the bright side, no speedos here

esquared said...

and p.s., made it to 0:00 seconds -- didn't watch the video, I trust the headline on this post.


Are you sure this wasn't the late night antics of Santacon, or any Saturday night for that matter? Why does the EV have to be one constant Alpha Beta Douche party?

PS There's some impromptu drunken idiot "parade" holding up traffic on 14th Street right now.

Anonymous said...

"Warm beer to the right of them,
Jello shots to the left of them,
Tequila in front of them,
Vomit and stumble;"

...excerpt taken from the poem "Charge of the Pukey Brigade" by Alfred Bro Tennyson

Crazy Eddie said...

Anonymous 1.50 PM-Where’s Errol Flynn when you need him? And the Max Steiner score! Errol Flynn, now there was a drinker!