Thursday, February 2, 2012

The end (of the view and daylight) is near

On Monday, we had an update on the former Sigmund Schwartz Gramercy Park Chapel on Second Avenue between 10th Street and Ninth Street. Plans call for an additional three floors here.

A reader sends along an aerial view looking north at the property. As you can see, construction hasn't started yet.

However, when it does, the folks living next door with the south-facing windows will likely lose any view and daylight. Which really sucks.


Anonymous said...

It sucks loosing a view but this was, after all, designed as a shaftway.
Also note that the previous building that was located here through the 1930's was one story taller than the funeral home.
So this lot will go from four to three to six stories.

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for them. I am SO thankful that the two buildings across the street from my building seem pretty secure and will remain as they are for a long while. Fingers crossed! Although I'm TICKED the Thompson Hotel now blocks a huge chunk of sky from part of my view.