Thursday, February 2, 2012

And now, let's look down at Sixth Street's incoming mansion

EV Grieve reader weigone sends along a photo looking down at (so to speak) 331 E. Sixth St., where David Schwimmer may or may not be building a six-floor home. She took the photo yesterday, and noted that workers poured the wall of concrete for the foundation on Friday.

"Anyway, the noise is horrendous," she said. And only six floors to go! There has been some talk of recording the construction noise, and playing it back during the new tenant's first roof party.

This would probably never happen in Hancock Park.

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Marty Wombacherw said...

I'm so glad I don't live next door. I think recording the noise and playing it back is a great idea!

nygrump said...

All this noise and dirt and dust is all a cost we are forced to pay for the profit of a very few. recording the noise is an excellent idea. I bet a nickel the cops will shut down a loudspeaker broadcast of the noise, while the original is allowed without restraint.