Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just a feline fatale

Remember, in the summer of 2010, when a woman held up an Astor Place shoe store while wearing a cat mask? She was suspected in several other robberies around the city. Anyway, today, a judge sentenced her to 10 years in prison.

And the sentencing for 29-year-old Shana Spalding was as theatrical as you might suspect who wore a cat mask during a robbery. Per DNAinfo:

"I am not Catwoman!" Spalding shouted. She also told news photographers "Stop taking my picture, you bastards!"

As the media reported, she was the singer for a death metal band called Divine Infamy, who lives on via YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, poor kitty! This is a CATastrophe!

Anonymous said...

So, it wasn't the purrrrfect crime after all!

I typed that with Eartha Kitt's voice in my head and now I can't stop it!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh, she's just a bitch(sorry, I had to throw in a dog reference for balance).