Monday, February 6, 2012


This afternoon, Gothamist has an item plucked from the Times real-estate section this weekend... In a letter to the paper, Frank M. on East 28th Street makes his case for a new name for Kips Bay.

Being both underrated and generally affordable ... Kips Bay is a superbly innocuous neighborhood close to -- well -- almost all of the hip neighborhoods that are both overrated and expensive. ... We are trying to get Kips Bay renamed "NoEVil" (North of the East Village) to capture its cachet -- but without having to pay for it.


Our apologies... we didn't see that Alex had this item this morning at Flaming Pablum! With a Television reference!


BagelGuy said...


Anonymous said...

UEV--Upper East Village

Marty Wombacher said...

How about "Snoozevil?"

LvV said...

Sorry, 4:54, but "UEV" is taken already, by residents north of Tompkins (10-14th Sts.), to distinguish ourselves from our neighbors to the south. We fight the Superdives, they fight the Le Souks. They get on the F/V train in the morning; we ride the L. Or something. In any case, real estate dweebs will have to pry "UEV" from my cold, dead upper-Ave-A hands.

Kips is from 23rd to 34th so I don't even know what this Frank M. guy is nattering on about. If he's thinking of East 14th to 23rd, I'd imagine that the lucky residents of that area are grateful that their quiet neighborhood hasn't been given some dumb portmanteau yet, and if pressed would probably just call themselves "Gramercy east."

Jeremiah Moss said...

Gothamist plucked that from me, who plucked it from Alex at Flaming Pablum.

just saying.

glamma said...

i gagged when i read that. noevil?
seriously, f*ck off.

Her, Suzanne76 said...

I like the "snoozEvil" suggestion ...also how about "NIL" for NOTHING INTERESTING LOCATION?

also- in addition to the nice folks on 14-23 being called 'Gramercy East", i've seen they are also being called "East Village Adjacent" in recent real estate listings.

Anonymous said...

Is should revert to "Rose Hill"
It's what it was called when I moved in 30 years
Ago . 32nd-26th bet. 2nd and 3rd general
Most people think its part of Murray hill -
But Murray Hill ends at 34th st.
Or LoMu - lower Murray hill