Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prepping East Ninth Street to make to look like it did, oh, 40-plus years ago...

Speaking of the Coen Brothers... Bobby Williams notes that various carpenters and crew members started the transformation of East Ninth Street in advance of Thursday's shoot here for the 1960s period piece "Inside Llewyn Davis."

Whatever you think abut the Coen Brothers (have you watched "Blood Simple" lately?) ... it brings back some film-shoot cred around here after "The Smurfs" and "Step Up 3D."

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The Coen Brothers want to dress up East Ninth Street

Coen Brothers Week begins here tomorrow



Lucky for them they found the one street without a Subway.

DrBOP said...

Geez, I wonder what these guys (and gals?) make an hour? Up here in Canuckistan they get $36 to $64 an HOUR!
Ahhh, to be young, workin' a cushy shift on some near-cool media project in the heart of it ALL, pocketfuls of cash, and some of THE BEST food and drink in the WORLD within a mile stroll......I predict 40 minute breaks and 2 hour lunches.
I want to go there!