Monday, June 18, 2012

And how was your weekend?

A few observations via Twitter...


VH McKenzie said...

Is there a way to distinguish dog shit from human shit?

Other than actually seeing it being dumped by the source, that is.

I don't always presume that dumps on the sidewalks, smeared or otherwise, are always due to careless dog owners.

blue glass said...

before the pick up law was enacted people had to "curb" their dog. while that was not perfect, at least most of the sidewalks were clean of dog shit and piss, and sanitation occasionally washed the gutters.
in enacting the pick up law somebody forgot to keep the curb your dog portion so that dogs can crap anywhere and many dog owners don't pick up at all.
imaging if the crap was in the gutter and not on the sidewalk.
dog pee is not to much better, it smells and it kills the trees and plants.
bring back curb your dog with the pick up after your dog.
a start for cleaner sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

In enacting the pick up law somebody forgot to ENFORCE the law. It's like those signs they put up; "$250 fine for honking". Taxpayer pays for the sign (probably about $4000), and how many tickets ever get issued as drivers honk all night long? Yeah, that's right; zero.
This city's entire budget deficit could be wiped out if citations were issued to the dog poop people.
Or if traffic laws were actually enforced.
(see comments on dangerous Bowery intersection post above)