Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As the for rent signs turn at 34 Avenue A

EVG reader Anna notes the above new "for rent" sign (with bonus typo) for the seemingly doomed 34 Avenue A ground-floor space... last occupied by Aces & Eights. By our count, this is the the third broker since last August...As noted earlier today, the mystery applicant vying for the space is no longer on this month's CB3/SLA docket.

The listing at Living New York says that the space is rented. But why would there be a new broker?

Anyone have details on the future of this address? Can we still hold out hope that a cassette-swap shop will open here?

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Anonymous said...

Are you tell me that nobody involving in the making or posting of that sign noticed that "Store" was spelled "Stroe?" That's the story here. Please investigate, EV! We want answers!

Anna said...

Anybody can walk by and confirm. I had to rub my eyes a couple tmes myself.

Anonymous said...

In Amercia this is how we sepll!

tourist said...

maybe they are renting a stroe.