Monday, June 4, 2012

As the for rent signs turn at the former Amato Opera

Here we are at the Amato Opera on the Bowery, which has sat empty since the company closed on May 31, 2009.

A mini recap since the Amato closed: In July 2010, CB3 gave its blessing for the owners of the V Bars to open a "bar/restaurant/theater experience" in the former Amato Opera on the Bowery. However, those plans fell through. The space was for rent for $22,500 a month... then the whole building went for sale for $6.95 million. Now, we're up to our third or fourth real-estate rep...

The latest sign is now up ... RKF has the listing...

No price mentioned. A few details from the listing:

All uses accepted
Space may be leased in existing layout as a former theater
Entire building available for lease

Steps from The Standard East Village, The Bowery Hotel, New Museum, 40 Bond Street and AvalonBay at Chrystie Place

Likely won't be sitting empty for another three years.

Last thing... the rendering people (scalies!) seem quite life-like:

Particularly the texting zombie walking right into traffic on the Bowery...

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