Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

[Bobby Williams]

Celebrities, models and celebrity models flock to the New York City Marble Cemetery on East Second Street for some Stella McCartney party (W)

All about The New York Pizza Project (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Paulaner Brewery says hello on the Bowery (BoweryBoogie)

A crane or maybe a boom on East Fourth Street (Occupy East Fourth Street)

The Beagle changes up the menu on Avenue A (Grub Street)

"The Etiquette of Death" at LaMaMa (The Lo-Down)

Roald Dahl's "House of Curiosities" at the RATS Company (DNAinfo)

Grey Era Vintage proprietor Sierra Fromberg passed along word of The Summer Collective on Thursday evening...

...and a photo of a photo shoot this morning on East 10th Street between Avenue C and D via Matt LES_Miserable...


Crazy Eddie said...

Like “Hate the Drake”, I hate the Beagle. A comment nails it:

"less fussy"? You mean it's too much trouble for the kitchen to plate a main course? Sounds like a way to simply get people to pay more for less food."

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely shocked that the Beagle isn't sticking to their story to the community board that they intend to stay a restaurant and not become a bar. SHOCKED. I mean, they're from Portland, home of all honesty. As they move more toward being a bar, and further from being a restaurant, another lying piece of shit has contributed to making that block the shitshow it is today.

nygrump said...

Its all a wink wink with the board...they know whats up.

DrBOP said...

Boy howdy EVG.....methinks there is much more going on here than a simple photoshoot.....you have perhaps stumbled upon the potential leader of the EVGrievettes!
It is quite obvious that she is in a pre-yoga stretch position.....WHILE AT THE SAME TIME she is mentally commanding her pool boy to do the right-foot hop as he places her yoga mat in the proper position on the ground in front of her. All this while she is balanced ever so delicately on her hemp-slab platform boots.
So, telepathic....into yoga...equalibrium par excellance....what looks to be duct-tape armpit armor....AND flaming red hair. What's not to like?
Sign 'er up!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting the theater reviews! They're hard to come by lately...