Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Linen Hall seeks sidewalk cafe

Over on Third Avenue near 13th Street, there are newish notices up that Linen Hall is seeking an unenclosed sidewalk cafe ...

Per the notice, there's a public meeting about the matter tomorrow at 2 p.m. downtown at 66 John St.

The owners of Penny Farthing also own this space, the former Cosmic Cantina, which had a small sidewalk cafe as well.

When this address went before the CB3/SLA committee in November 2010, Eater reported that "neighbors complained vehemently about the noise with one resident stating it made him 'miss the crack whores' ... they admitted that it wasn't so much Penny Farthing as the combination of all the restaurants on the block and no formal noise complaint was ever made against the bar."

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