Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mystery digging at 35 Cooper Square

Yesterday, Curbed noted that the backhoe was back at the year-long vacant lot at 35 Cooper Square... We checked it out ourselves... the worker(s) had left for the day...

...there's now just a shallow grave hole of sorts in the southeast corner near the Standard East Village... There aren't any work permits posted or on file with the DOB, so we don't have any idea what is going on here...

Any guesses?

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Anonymous said...'s there??Ida..Ida who..Ida know.

Anonymous said...

Looks like test pits. They are hoping to learn more about the neighboring foundations. I would guess they are fairly far along in the design of a new building and are 1-3 months away from filing for permits for new construction.

Anonymous said...

My guess: I assume they are checking the ground for stability and testing how deep the construction foundations will have to be in order to find solid rock.

Remember that this corner lot is essentially a sinkhole, as it is just filled with the debris of the prior structures which were demolished, and that debris sinks and settles with time.

The very polite contractors who were surveying said the plans were for a mid-rise development (presumably apartments) with construction beginning by year's end.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

maybe Fred FLINTSTONE let DINO out for a dig

bowery boy said...

Maybe they're looking for that sink hole.