Monday, June 11, 2012

Rudy Volcano now open on Avenue C

A Rudy Volcano store opened Memorial Day weekend at 167 Avenue C near East 10th Street ... here's the official news release that arrived in the EV Grieve inbox this past weekend...

Rudy Volcano’s stores have been hubs of their communities for over a decade. Originally from Guatemala, and with a special interest in the arts and crafts of Latin America, Mr. Volcano builds on a wide-ranging background, a keen eye, a delight in clothing and cloth from foreign climes, a knack for discovering and nurturing indigenous talents around the world, and the joy of sharing his discoveries with a devoted customer base.

Rudy’s stores, their merchandise, ever-changing inventory and fast window displays, reflect his holistic vision. Rudy Volcano businesses are eco-responsive, devoted to fair trade practices, to organic materials, to one-of-a-kind garments and crafts, and to developing ongoing relationships with creative artisans and neighbors alike. Each store is a meeting place for people from a myriad of cultures, for artists and artisans, for performers of every kind, environmentalists and tame animals.

There's another location in Jackson Heights.

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glamma said...

A beautiful store and amazing addition to the neighborhood. Welcome!