Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The morning line on the Gray Mare, now open in the former Dempsey's space on 2nd Avenue

On Aug. 24 we noted that the former Dempsey's space on Second Avenue had been transformed into a new bar-restaurant called the Gray Mare.

The new space debuted last week at 61 Second Ave. between Third Street and Fourth Street.

DNAinfo spoke with bar (and building) owner Tom O'Byrne about the new concept ("we wanted it to be a little more upscale") ... and why he decided to close Dempsey's:

The problem, he explained, was that the appeal of the neighborhood pub had run its course — the time was right to fold the business and start over with something new and fresh, capable of casting a wider net.

“When we opened Dempsey’s, it had been current and of its time, and it had been popular and much beloved of many years, but generationally things change,” he said.

And while Dempsey’s was known for its pints of beer, trivia nights, and simple pub fare, The Gray Mare is offering a colorful menu including Short Rib Nachos with Avocado Creme Fraiche and a Ribeye Cheese Steak Hero.

The food is accompanied by craft cocktails such as the Native Dancer, featuring tequila, lime and mint, the Final Furlong, featuring bourbon, muddled strawberries and ginger beer, and The Outsider, with mezcal, cognac and sherry.

After 24 years, O'Byrne, who also owns Slainte at 304 Bowery and Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen on Second Avenue at Fifth Street, decided to close Dempsey's in April.


Michael Ivan said...

Short rib appetizer anything is an eye roll, and i think these forced upscale places, like suffolk arms come to mind, may oneday realize the cold pint can endure the test of time, the 4-part muddled $16 drink can't (in these forced locations).

Mr. Ed said...

The old gray mare,
She ain't what she used to be
Ain't what she used to be,
Ain't what she used to be
The old gray mare,
She ain't what she used to be
Many long years ago....

Anonymous said...

In the new Manhattan drinks will only be $16 and over, or you can't pay your rent.

Anonymous said...

This place, from the name to the cocktails to the "concept", is another bullshit, generic, corny yuppie run of the mill spot. You blew it.

cmarrtyy said...

What he's saying is that he wants people with a lot more money patronizing his Horsey saloon... Ain't no money in the regular slobs in the hood. If that isn't a kick in the old ass. BOYCOTT.

Gojira said...

Of course, because the vast throngs of young'uns who fill Second Avenue on the weekends are not, as we all thought, out to get their drunk on as cheaply and quickly as possible, they are actually looking for an upscale licensed emporium that purveys delights like Avocado Creme Fraiche and a mezcal/sherry/cognac concoction to tickle their highly sophisticated palates. Right.

Anonymous said...

Visited a few days ago. It's Dempsey's after a good cleaning and spiffed up with lighter colors. Good burger, nice staff. Wall plugs have USB ports, a nice touch. Same old 'classic rock' you've been sick of forever, on the radio. Hope they bring trivia night back.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing, yet not at all shocking, that there are so many comments judging this place before any of the commenters have even stepped foot inside.

I was a fairly regular patron at Dempseys, and stopped by the other day to the Grey Mare - the prices are reasonable...bought 2 pilsners and a cider for around $18 or so.

Is it an old school dive? No. Is it super cheap? No. But, it's reasonable and the staff is super friendly and the place looks great.

I think it's time for me to stop reading the comments on this blog. I love the information that it provides, but the whining about something like this just drives me bonkers. There are enough REAL things to flip out about - example = the hotel on 11th street.

Moving on.

Anonymous said...

They moved trivia over to Slainté and I think it's there to stay.