Wednesday, September 14, 2016

London-based luxury leather popping up on 9th Street

[Photo by Steven]

Signage arrived yesterday on Ninth Street for Ellesd, a London-based ready-to-wear clothing store specializing in luxury leather for women.

The store's Instagram account describes the location here between Avenue A and First Avenue as a pop-up shop. No word yet on an opening date.

The address (No. 434) was previously home to Delto-Meest, which shipped parcels to the Ukraine and surrounding areas. I have no idea what happened to the store (if it's a permanent closure). The address hosted another designer pop-up shop last month.


Anonymous said...

Ellesd = LSD Are they like post-sixties hippies?

cmarrtyy said...

They even import the crooks into the nabe now. They see all the condos going up and trip over themselves to open a store for a piece of the action.