Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hummus Place expanding on St. Mark's Place?

Yesterday morning, I noted that Sympathy for the Kettle had closed at 109 St. Mark's Place.

Hummus Place shares the address on the west side of the building. Word on the street is that Hummus Place is taking over the former Kettle space. Which is one reason why Hummus Place on St. Mark's was closed today and workers were coming in and out of the space. There's an outgoing phone message at the St. Mark's store stating that all the NYC Hummus Place locations (four in total) will be closed for the holiday from April 8-17. Sounds like a good time for an expansion.


esquared™ said...

And that is why I am not a betting man.

I'll top off my fro-yo and ramen with hummus, please.

EV Grieve said...

Well, I'm sure an intrepid ramen/froyo entrepreneur will find another storefront nearby to ply his/her trade...