Thursday, September 8, 2016

The holistic Divya’s Kitchen coming to the Bhakti Center on 1st Avenue

You may have noticed the paper on the doors at the Bhakti Center's dining space... here's more about what's going on here at 25 First Ave. between First Street and Second Street... via the EVG inbox...

Nearly 3 years ago, a small group of devotees came together to reignite the first floor at the Bhakti Center by launching a new cafe and gift shop ... It’s been rewarding and satisfying on a personal level to see the developments of the first floor over the past few years. This coming Fall, another exciting opportunity has presented itself ...

Many of you know Purusha Sukta and Divyambhara as the co-founders of Bhagavat-Life, an educational non-profit dedicated to teaching and sharing healthy, nourishing, conscious cuisine with the world. Beyond that, they are beloved community members and friends at The Bhakti Center who have been operating on our 5th floor for several years. The Bhakti Center has made a collective decision to partner with Bhagavat Life to bring the quality and experience of our cafe to a even higher level.

The new operation will function under the name Divya’s Kitchen. In addition to being a holistic, tasty, mindful cafe offering food that nourishes and uplifts each guest, it will also be the first authentic Ayurvedic cafe in NYC, and perhaps even the country. There will be items available for grab-and-go, as well as sit-down dining services.

The Center's yoga classes and other workshops are not impacted by the cafe's closure. The new cafe is expected to be open later this month.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they have that amazing BBQ Tofu and those Sunday pancakes!!! And the free delicious sweet bread pleaseeeee