Monday, June 4, 2018

Emmy Squared signage arrives at the former Three of Cups

Renovations continue in the restaurant space at 83 First Ave. and Fifth Street...where two of the awnings for the new tenant — Emmy Squared — are now in place...

Emmy Squared, the Williamsburg-based restaurant serving burgers and Detroit-style pizza, is taking over this former home of Three of Cups, which shut down after service on April 1.

The Emmy Squared website doesn't have a specific opening date for the new East Village location, just "coming soon"

In announcing the closure, Three of Cups owner Anthony Barile wrote in part: "The reasons are many that we are at this moment, with all of them meaning that I can’t sustain it any longer." The pizzeria and Italian restaurant opened in December 1992.

Emmy Squared was originally thought to be taking over the GG's space on Fifth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. That space, however, has been dormant since GG's closed on Dec. 23.

[Photo from Saturday]

A rep for Emmy Squared told Eater in March that they are "considering ... the former GG’s space for a new restaurant concept."

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Anonymous said...

So is there ever going to be a story about the ghost at this restaurant? Trips you going down the stairs in to the basement etc? People who worked here certainly knew about it. Maybe it was driven out by gentri/blandification?

Anonymous said...

Did a quick easy search online but didnt find anything about a ghost.

Do tell !

Walter said...

Does anyone remember the name of the place that was there long before 3oC?

Judy said...

A long time ago it was what we called an army navy store where you could get overalls & such

NerdyinNewYork said...

Hamburgers and "Detroit style pizza"? We really need that. Hope CB3 denies their liquor license.