Thursday, June 21, 2018

Flamingos will sell clothing by the pound starting Saturday on Stanton Street

Flamingos Vintage Pound, which as the name implies, sells vintage clothing by the pound, is opening an outpost at 57 Stanton St. on Saturday (the hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

The location between Eldridge and Forsythe on the LES is the latest to open in NYC ... following recent debuts of two stores in Bushwick.

According to the Flamingos website, there are are also stores in Miami and Houston as well as in Madrid and Barcelona. And per their Instagram account, they have plans on more: "Grand opening of 3 stores in 3 different areas in this wonderful city. This will make us one of the most important vintage clothing companies in NYC. We want to warn you that this is just the beginning, our intention is to open more stores around the US."

No mention anywhere what they charge by the pound.

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JQ LLC said...

"No mention anywhere what they charge by the pound".

Suckers, I mean customers of used clothing usually pay hundreds of dollars for rags. This is the first I ever heard of such a store being based internationally. I guess this will sound intolerant or ignorant, but you could save a lot of money getting vintage clothing from any charity donor box in a parking lot.