Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Help for Juan Carlo, the flower vendor at Bueno East Mart on Avenue A

This flyer was posted in a residential building on Third Street near Avenue A.

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According to the flyer, Juan Carlo, who works overnight selling flowers at the Bueno East Mart on the southeast corner of Third Street and Avenue A, was "brutally beaten up by two assailants" early Saturday morning.

"He sustained a broken nose and lacerations to his face and arm. Several hours later — because he didn't want to leave his station unattended — he made his way to Beth Israel."

Neighbors have started a fund to help with his medical bills. There's a donation jar now at Mary O's, the Irish bar-restaurant at 32 Avenue A between Third Street and Second Street.

Updated 5 p.m.

Patch reports that Carlo was trying to stop the two men from stealing flowers. The suspects reportedly punched Carlo and slammed him to the ground.

H/T Carl Bentsen


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, dreadful! i have bought flowers from him many times and will be making a beeline for that jar. wishing him a speedy recovery, both physical and emotional.

Anonymous said...

I will be stopping by Mary O's to to add in what I can spare.

Anonymous said...

May he have a complete recovery from this horrendous attack.

Unknown said...

Mary O's is on avenue a between 2nd and 3rd , not 3rd and 4th . Hope they need a bigger donation jar quickly.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he has family ... anyone wanna go visit him in the hospital?