Thursday, June 14, 2018

More about Sauce Pizzeria, opening later this summer on 12th Street

In late May we noted that signs were in the windows at 345 E. 12th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue for a new restaurant called Sauce Pizzeria.

EVG reader Adam C. thought that the logo looked similar to that of Sauce Restaurant on Allen and Rivington.

Good eye, Adam. A rep confirmed that Sauce Restaurant and Sauce Pizzeria are from the same ownership.

Here's what the rep shared:

Sauce Pizzeria will be a nostalgic pizza parlor, where homemade sauces are the star, each simmering pot visible upon entering the quaint yet eclectic space. At the counter, guests will be able to choose from a selection of signature pies, composed salads, and signature bowls.

Owner Adam Elzer has a heavy “sauce on everything” philosophy and will offer extra sides of sauce with all orders to enhance meals.

Sauce Pizzeria is slated to open at the end of the summer.

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