Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New retail space hits the market at 116 St. Mark's Place

The ground-floor space at No. 116 between Avenue A and First Avenue Avenue recently arrived on the market.

The listing notes that the 900-square-feet of space (plus 500 square feet out back) is "Perfect for Cafe, Wine Bar, etc. All uses considered. Landlord will vent."

The retail listing coincides with the sale of the building, which was recorded on May 25. Public records show that the seller, 116 Saint Marks Place LLC, sold the five-story building to 116 St. Marks LLC for $5 million. (The buyer shares the address with Cecora Investment Advisers, a diversified commercial real estate investment brokerage and consulting company.)

The potential retail was (or is) home to a Ukrainian religious organization, which you can read about here (keep scrolling).

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Gojira said...

Gotta say, that Ukrainian Slavic pagan religious storefront (who knew?!?) sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than yet another booze-buying location for the frat bros (hey, free Skee-Ball, doooodes!). But so the world - and the neighborhood - turns.