Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Report: Tokyo-based yakitori restaurant with a Michelin star coming to Elizabeth Street

The Tokyo-based Torishiki is opening its first U.S. outpost over on Elizabeth Street between East Houston and Bleecker this September.

In its real-estate transaction listings yesterday, The New York Times reported that the restaurant's owners signed a 15-year lease for 292 Elizabeth St., the home until February of Siggy's Good Food.

The rent is roughly $23,500 a month, per the Times.

Eater's guide to essential Tokyo dining described the Michelin-starred restaurant this way:

Torishiki takes the basics of yakitori — morsels of chicken that are skewered, grilled, and basted — and elevates them to another level. Owner Yoshiteru Ikegawa uses virtually every part of his premium shamo gamecocks, tending the skewers over his glowing charcoal grill with artisan intensity. Among his specialties: chochin, the rich yolk of an unhatched egg; grilled tofu, rich with chicken fat; and the warming, nourishing chicken broth that closes every meal.

As for Siggy's, the owner of the all-organic restaurant cited the economy and bureaucracy for the reasons behind the closure on Elizabeth Street after nearly five years in business.

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JQ LLC said...

"chochin, the rich yolk of an unhatched egg"

Unhatched egg? Isn't that absurdly redundant? Its an egg. Christ, these dopes will luxurize anything to hype and overvalue their shit. This ranks up their with gentrifying realtors hyping natural air and light for little ass apartments.

Scuba Diva said...

I suspect by "unhatched egg" they're referring to balut, an egg with a fully developed chick inside that just hasn't hatched yet.

Anonymous said...

I miss Siggy's

Maybe the unhatched eggs will become aliens, and they'll eat for free.

Anonymous said...

Any egg you serve me better be unhatched, or else you might get a knuckle sandwich.

There was a Michelin-starred yakitori place up on 1st avenue in the 50s. I tried it once and it was great, but alas they did not last very long. Good luck to this new place.

Anonymous said...

I miss Siggy's, too.

I recently took my young-adult daughter there for the first time. She loved it, and said, "I can't believe there's still a place like this."


Anonymous said...

Hidden little "Kyo ya" has been 1-star for many years.
Insane food. Expensive. Really really sweet staff.

Unknown said...

Siggy's was my favorite place for brunch. Not a lot of traffic passes that spot. I have lived in the hood for the past 4 yrs and only found out about it randomly when I googled all organic places about a year ago...What are some readers other all organic places that they might recommend? I occasionally go to Atlas Cafe on 2nd Ave and 4th Street..mainly because I like to sit outside there and the staff are so nice.

JQ LLC said...

@scuba diva

so it's basically a half term duck abortion. Man, I be so unsophisticated and ignorant of other culture's disgusting delicacies. It kinda resembles an oyster or clam but with the head of daffy duck. Now I see why these joints need liquour licenses, because you need something skunky to wash that foul egg down.

I will suspect that people order this just to photograph it for their social media accounts.