Monday, June 11, 2018

The 7 restaurants that have closed on the Bowery in the past year

This past weekend, the owners of Hecho en Dumbo (b. 2010) and Cherche Midi (b. 2014) shut down their respective restaurants.

This makes, since last spring, seven restaurant closings on (or near!) the Bowery between Fourth Street and just south of Houston. Other recent casualties:

L'Apico (b. 2012), 13 E. First St. in the Avalon Bowery complex.

DBGB (b. 2010), 299 Bowery

[The former Wise Men]

Wise Men (b. 2013), 355 Bowery

Agozar! (b. 2002), 324 Bowery

Paulaner Brauhaus (b. 2013), 265 Bowery

There was also Rebelle (b. 2015) at 218 Bowery just south of Prince Street.

In any event, there weren't any reasons provided for the closures. DBGB chef-owner Daniel Boulud told this to The New York Times: "In this location, it’s busy on weekends but erratic in the early part of the week."

[The memory of DBGB lives on in Extra Place]

There are, of course, plenty of other places to drink and dine along here, starting at Fourth Street and down to Houston — BBar and Grill, Phebe's, the Bowery Market, Great Jones Cafe (close enough), Gemma, the Wren, Sorbillo Pizzeria, Bar Primi, Think Coffee, Saxon & Parole, 310 Bowery Bar, Sláinte, Bowery Meat Company, Baar Baar and the food court at Whole Foods Market® Bowery. Perhaps there are just too many choices.



So much for the Bowery's high-end makeover.

Anonymous said...

No mention of BRC or Project Renewal or the Bowery Mission? Are we supposed to pretend that these facilities and tbeir clients have nothing to do with this?

dja said...

Children conceived in the bathrooms of Bbar in its early days are now practically too old to go during peak hours. That's, uh, notable!

Walter said...

Good riddance! Bring back the Great Jones Street Diner (wishful thinking)!

Walter said...

Katie Mac said...

Slainté has good lunch specials.

Anonymous said...

And how do the residents of BRC, Project Renewal, and Bowery Mission have something to do with this? Oh wait, I know, these places drove out these restaurants? BS. I defy you (specifically you) to give me hard stats: number of murders, manslaughters, rapes, assaults, robberies, burgularies, shootings, stabbings, and car thefts by people living in or using these facilities since 2000 (the past eighteen years/last two decades.) Go to it Sherlock. These places which have been around before the booze and barf crowd came along provide necessary services and are not magnets for crime, and sorry they don't fit in with the beautiful people or make the strip look like Collins Avenue, Magnificient Mile, or whatever grand boulevard outside of NYC you want it to look like, you NIMBY prig.

Phebe's is the only place worth hitting and it fittingly the longest running.

RLewis said...

Blaming the shelters does not explain why places like Cata and Bar Primi are full and busy. Pearl & Ash had people lining up outside for a table until the owners over-expanded into the awful Rebelle. Some places do well on the Bowery; most don't. That's probably par for the City.