Monday, April 27, 2020

Go visit the Merchant's House Museum — online

The Merchant's House on Fourth Street is currently closed to the public. However, you can stay pay a visit: The museum is now up and running virtually. Exhibitions, tours, talks, videos and programs are available online, including:

Virtual Tour: Matriarch of the family, Eliza Tredwell (as presented by Museum Historian Ann Haddad), is leading a room-by-room virtual tour of her home on social media each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Check out lectures and illustrated presentations on 19th century New York, as well as TV shows and specials starring the Merchant's House, including the popular episode of "Blueprint NYC" featured on PBS.

Find all the online content at this link.

The Merchant’s House, between the Bowery and Lafayette, is the only 19-century family home in New York City preserved intact on the inside and out.

More history: "Built in 1832 and home to a prosperous merchant family, the Tredwells, and their Irish servants for almost 100 years, it remains complete with the family’s original furnishings, household objects, clothing, and personal memorabilia."


Anonymous said...

The Merchant's House is one of my favorite museums - this is wonderful!

Monnika Jacob said...

Thanks for this