Sunday, April 19, 2020

Today at the Tompkins Square Park Greenmarket

Today's vendors, who are putting in place social distancing with their sales:

• Bread Alone Bakery

• Pura Vida Fisheries

• Fledging Crow Vegetables

• Meredith's Bread

• Stone & Thistle Farm

• Back to the Future Farm

• Norwich Meadows Farm

Information taken from the GrowNYC Instagram account.

And here's a photo via EVG reader Daniel from last Sunday showing the social distancing in place...

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Giovanni said...

I stopped by TSP The Farmers market and while the pickings were slim the vendors were grateful for the business. Everyone was social distancing and taking their time.

Then I stopped by Le Fornil on 2nd Avenue where the cashier was yelling and screaming at a customer who mentioned he used to be a customer of Moshes. This was probably a coronavirus-related meltdown, but still....

The customer was simply complimenting them on selling black and white cookies which reminded him of Moishes when the cashier suddenly blew up in his face.

“Dont ask me about Moishes! Thats all I hear all day is Moishes! We aren't Moishes!” Then he told the customer not to say anything else. When the customer tired to apologize and explain, the guy blew up like a volcano again. “I don't even work here, Stop talking! Im just doing this for my friend!” he said. With friends like that...

And guess what giant the sign on the store still says? Moishes!

Then the cashier slammed the bags of croissants down on the counter, stormed out of the store and refused to ring up the customers order. He stood outside looking like he was about to explode. Meanwhile, the store was getting full of people with no one to take their orders, so the owner had to come out of the kitchen and take over. He didn't even apologize for the rude behavior, he just looked embarrassed. But not too embarrassed to take the customers money.

I almost walked out myself. I have never seen such rude behavior from a counter person, especially not after someone was just trying to give them a compliment for selling some of the items we used to buy at...wait for it...Moishes!