Thursday, April 23, 2020

RIP Shirley Campbell

Shirley Campbell, a longtime activist and East Village resident, died on April 12. According to notices from the Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association posted at her former building on Fourth Street, she died from COVID-19 complications.

Campbell, who was born in 1940, had most recently been living at a location of the New Jewish Home.

Per the flyer:

Shirley was a well-known activist on the Lower East Side. She participated in housing and other social justice struggles for more than 30 years. She was an avid tennis enthusiast who loved music, film and art.

Local State Sen. Brad Hoylman offered his condolences...

Her friends plan to hold a celebration of her life this summer. Will post more details when they become available.


Anonymous said...

Sitting in the sun in your hat and sunglasses
Gizmo at your side
Greeting the neighborhood with your feisty charm
Shirley you are missed
"Power to the people"
Peace and Love

Unknown said...

Artist, lioness, philosopher-queen. And dear beloved friend. We'll sit down for a pinot grigio on the other side, shaking our heads and laughing about the absurdities.

Unknown said...

During the years you visited Amsterdam, we enjoyed many wonderful conversations. Your humour,
love of jazz, and your passion for traveling will always be remembered. Peace.

Teresa said...

Dear friend, fierce freedom fighter, jazz lover, social butterfly - exactement! cooking your coq au vin in Paris, sojourns in made me think, and think harder, you made me dinner - with wine of course - you challenged and embraced/enriched us all. i miss you Shirley. i thank you for your wisdom and friendship.

Unknown said...

Gizmo! Almost forgot!