Sunday, April 26, 2020

Village Farm Grocery returns for limited daytime hours

Village Farm Grocery is back open now on the northeast corner of Second Avenue and Ninth Street with limited hours...

As the sign shows, they are open from noon to 6 p.m. A few people, wearing masks and gloves, can be inside the market at a time. And be "polite and courteous." (They're still offering deliveries too.)

Village Farm Grocery closed back on April 3, the first time that regulars could remember the shop ever shutting down — even after the blackout and Superstorm Sandy.

Thanks to Steven for the photos!


Anonymous said...

Good. The mask in a store absolutely, the glove rule is weird. A glove is the same as your hand, if it's not cleaned or disinfected, so what's the point unless they watch someone with clean hands unwrap it and put them on haha

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Mandating that people wear gloves inside the store is absolutely senseless, and actually increases the risk of spreading germs. People feel a false sense of security wearing gloves when they’re really cross contaminating everything as they continue to touch their phones, face, surfaces, credit card/cash, and multiple items within the store.