Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2021 development watch: 124 E. 14th St.

Here's a start of January 2021 look at 124 E. 14th St., aka Zero Irving (and formerly the Union Square Tech Training Center and 14 @ Irving ... and tech hub) ...
It's a development to watch in 2021 as the building moves closer to occupancy

Work has moved quickly here (in the grand scheme of things). Workers topped out here back in the fall... roughly when the leasing began.

The latest Zero Irving e-newsletter states the rooftop scaffolding has been removed. Also!
Bathroom tile installation has begun on the 14th floor and will continue moving up the building as available. The painter will be priming walls on the 11th and 12th floors. Lobby framing and rough-in work has commenced and will continue throughout this period.
The 21-story building, developed jointly by the city’s Economic Development Corp. and RAL Development Services, will feature 14 floors of market-rate office space as well as "a technology training center and incubator, co-working spaces and state-of-the-art event space ... on the seven floors beneath," per the Zero Irving announcement issued last October. Food-hall specialists Urban­Space officially signed the lease for 10,000 square feet on the ground level late last summer.

And if you want to hear more, reps from RAL will be providing an overview tomorrow evening to CB3's Economic Development Committee. The item provides this: "status update on construction and upcoming leasing opportunities." (Zoom meeting info is at the CB3 website.)

The new building — long contested by local preservationists and community groups (see links below) — sits on the former site of a P.C. Richard & Son on city-owned property.

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Anonymous said...

I misread that as "Zero Living" which, unfortunately, makes as much sense.

Anonymous said...

It's truly amazing how much progress has been made with this project. The naysayers might dislike it, but on a positive note, this building could usher in more work for many companies when the NYC economy will pick up. It could some time, but it will happen :)

Brian said...

Not enamored with the architecture. A flat slab of highly reflective glass towering over 14th street. Blocking the sun, providing an empty blank atmosphere. It is a shame it has to be right across the street from the Consolidated Edison Building, which is a building with some character that provides some liveliness to the streetscape as well as skycape.

Anonymous said...

This is brain-dead design (or so-called "architecture") presenting a hostile, anti-contextual reflective glass face to the world. This building is a true FU to all and sundry; it's saying "Hell, yeah, we muscled our way in to your neighborhood and we don't care to get along with anyone".

"ZERO Irving" is so appropriate ... unless we can get it renamed "Sub-sub-zero Irving".

noble neolani said...

This is not about construction jobs, it's not about a one or two floors dedicated to teaching kids from the East Village how code, it's about giving developers free range to ignore zoning laws and bringing it $$$$$$$$ for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Another ugly building built by the real estate developer cartel. Zero indeed.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, a boom for RAL Development who donated tens of thousands of dollars to deblasio.
Office space now? Will be more than half vacant for ever.
Is still a city owned site, could have been 100% affordable housing by Mr affordable housing if he was serious.

Gojira said...

The architectural version of a bladder infection.