Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A quick turnover at 328 E. 6th St.

Asian Wave came and went very quickly here at 328 E. Sixth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. 

We understand that it was open for about a month... before a quick turnover to a new venture called Miso Sushi, which is now in grand-opening mode. You can find their menu here.

Asian Wave is the second consecutive restaurant to close within six weeks at this address. Lovenburg, an outpost of a restaurant based in Turkey serving burgers and a variety of Mediterranean cuisine, opened in February 2020 and closed for good when the PAUSE went into effect.


Anonymous said...

The successful restaurants on this block now seem to have distinctive physical identities and strong relationships with customers - they survived over the lockdown on local traffic and rent reductions - it will be nice to have a new restaurant on the block not based on frying grease.

Anonymous said...

Great space! I particularly like the design consideration of rotating the table so the grain of one table goes in a different direction than the one next to it. Refreshing to see subtle minimalist considerations. Happy Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for six great days!!

Anonymous said...

I missed both Lovenburg and Asian Wave. Guess I better try this place today before it closes next week!

Anonymous said...

Asian Wave was a terrible American Chinese place, in a neighborhood with dozens of great authentic Chinese places.

Probably going to be mediocre sushi as well. Pick something you do well and stick to it, folks.