Friday, June 18, 2021

EVG Etc.: an NYC Primary guide; a curious decision on relocating vehicles

Thank you to the staff at Most Holy Redeemer for sharing this photo from Fourth Street at Avenue A... 

• A tipsheet for the NYC primaries (The City) ... and a recap of the last mayoral debate (The Associated Press

• A call for a permanent curfew in Washington Square Park (Gothamist) ... Here's another recap via Streetsblog. ... and what the hell is going on there? (Curbed)

• SUV kills pedestrian on Delancey and the Bowery (The Daily News

• Accidental Bar — specializing in sake — debuts on Avenue C (Resy ... previously on EVG)

• The DOT towed vehicles to the dedicated 14th Street bus lane between Avenue B and Avenue C (Streetsblog)

• Rainbow lights next week for the Stonewall Inn (TONY)

• Early history of Black theater downtown (Off the Grid

• ICYMI: The Tenement Museum reopened on June 12 (The New York Times

• About "The Kids," a new documentary explores "the lives that were upended" by the overnight success of "Kids" (Variety ... Jezebel

• And the acclaimed documentary on Sparks — "The Sparks Brothers" — is out today, playing at the AMC Village 7, Regal Essex Crossing and Regal Union Square 

... and this evening, a live comedy show with Dr. Honeybrew to benefit the Sixth Street Community Center... ticket info here.

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Anonymous said...

The top photo is surreal. The ominous black clouds, the lone hawk hovering, the finger pointed to the sky, the child's expression, the crucifixion in the background and two females in pink walking down the street looking like everything's ok.