Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Do you have what it takes to Stomp?

Open auditions are taking place this morning for Stomp at the Orpheum Theatre on Second Avenue between St. Mark's Place and Seventh Street. (Top photo by Steven

Per the casting call:
Who you might be:
• A drummer who moves well 
• A dancer who can drum 
• An athletic individual with a great sense of rhythm 
• Acting ability is strongly preferred
As these photos by Derek Berg show, the line for tryouts goes around the corner on Seventh Street... 
Stomp returns to the Orpheum Theatre on July 20. Tickets go on sale this coming Monday.

As Deadline noted, "Stomp will be among the city's first Off-Broadway productions to resume performances post-pandemic shutdown." Proof of vaccination will be required for entry, per reports.

The show is now in its 26th year in the East Village.


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid in the 90s (not living in NYC) I saw Stomp for the first time and I was obsessed... I was a drummer and I always dreamt of joining the cast. Back in the early 2000s when I graduated school their auditions were actually a lot more difficult and the requirements more intensive that I remember. I wonder if they've lessened their requirements and expectations post-pandemic for some reason? In any case, now that I live nearby, I was tempted to go, but I'm a bit old for this kind of physically-demanding performance work at this point haha. Oh well! I'll be glad to see them live again once the show re-opens. :)

Anonymous said...

Stomp, like the former haunted house two blocks down at 5th Street, provides me with a kind of comforting security seeing it there for decades. I was really afraid it wouldn't return after the pandemic and am happy they're back!

creature said...

Without STOMP my dad would never know when it's time to turn on my block. Whew. Glad they are staying put.