Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Young red-tailed hawk branches out in Tompkins Square Park

One of the red-tailed hawk chicks got pretty far from the nest today ... exploring the branches and getting more comfortable with the whole idea-of-flying thing. 

Steven took these photos. This is roughly what 2 months old looks like. (The first hatch took place the third week of April.)
... and Mark H. shared this photo... the youngster is already making new — and, admittedly annoying — friends in the Park...
Amelia and Christo, the resident red-tailed hawks of Tompkins Square Park, had three chicks this spring. (Unfortunately, one didn't make it.)

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Beacon, NY said...

Red Tail Hawks along with Bald Eagles, Canadian Geese, Black Bears and Timber Rattlesnakes are quite common in the western front of the Hudson River Valley.

So common are the hawks, there is a scenic, snake-like roadway in the City of Port Jervis known as the Hawk's Nest where the birds form their nests up in the cliffs of the area.


Now Port Jervis is indeed an off beaten path that serves as a crossroads of 3 states, literally a tri-state junction between NY, NJ and PA. One thing that struck me as out of place is the gun shop located in the center of town that is surrounded by eateries.