Sunday, June 27, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts this last week included (with a photo in Tompkins Square Park by Derek Berg) ... 

• RIP Art Guerra (Tuesday

• Report: Mount Sinai Beth Israel decides against plans to relocate and downsize (Monday

• A Visit to Brix Wines and Barnyard Cheese Shop on Avenue B (Thursday

• Owners of the Masalawala said to be opening to-go spot for Indian street food on 1st Avenue (Wednesday

• Who is Savannah Guthrie? This Jeopardy! guest host helped raise $105K for the Bowery Mission (Monday

• 6 a.m. on the fire escape (Friday

• A petition to fund Public Land schoolyards for community use (Thursday

• Last few days for Spring Into Pride at 3rd & B’Zaar (Friday

• Avenues is a real-estate office-espresso bar opening on 10th Street (Monday

• Do you have what it takes to Stomp? (Wednesday)

• Sushi next for the former Fresco space on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday

• City pools reopen (Friday

• Reopenings on Avenue A: the Library, Sing Sing (Monday

• A residential conversion for the former storefront at 111 St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

• Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen looks to have closed on 1st Avenue (Monday

• Notes for Apt. #2 (Wednesday

• A quick turnover at 328 E. 6th St. (Wednesday

 ... and congratulations to S'MAC owners Sarita and Caesar Ekya, who celebrated 15 years in the East Village on Thursday... (photos by Lola Sáenz)...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you to S’Mac for hosting the volunteer community food fridge during COVID!

Lola Sáenz said...

Yes, Congratulations S'MAC! Thank you for keeping us feed with Cheesey Yummy Mac and Cheese. Thank you EV Grieve, your the Best!

anonymous said...

Hey Grieve, any mention of Doc Holiday’s reopening on Friday??

Grieve said...

Have a post about the reopening for tomorrow …

anonymous said...