Thursday, October 28, 2021

Caravan of Dreams turns 30

A quick shoutout to Caravan of Dreams, the organic/vegan restaurant at 405 E. Sixth St., which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary here between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Congrats to owner Angel Moreno, who opened here in October 1991, for keeping the space going through the years.

Caravan of Dreams is open Thursday-Monday from 1-10 p.m., with a 4 p.m. start Tuesday-Wednesday. (And per Instagram: "Early birds mentioning Caravan30 get 10% off from 4-6pm" this week.")


Anonymous said...

Angel is the best! Great guy, great neighbor. He's been working like crazy to keep his place open, thanks Grieve for recognizing him

marjorie said...

Wow! Happy anniversary to Angel and Caravan! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love Caravan so much! Happy anniversary and many more - to Angel and team!

Scuba Diva said...

I am so happy to still have Caravan around; it's easily my favorite restaurant. This was the place where I first had live soup!