Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Cinema Salons — 'a mini-festival of radical films' — coming to the Anthology

Starting on Wednesday night, the Anthology Film Archives will host a series of one-hour Cinema Salons dubbed "Cinesymposia."

Per the Anthology's website:
Each Salon is a mini-symposium organized around a specific theme. Each Salon features three short films and three rounds of arena discussion. Each Salon invites you to come prepared with thoughts, manifestoes, and democratic screeds. Each Salon invites you to engage in ideas and exchange in communion.

Host and curator cherry brice jr. described it this way in an email to EVG:

These Salons are a mini-festival of radical films: a screening and discussion series with rowdy, audience-led debate, moderated by a panel from film, community organizing, and philosophy backgrounds. 

 The first screening on Wednesday night (at 8) is free:

The Civic Cinema. The enclosure of the commons was a political project long before it was a public health one. Whatever happened to the ancient agora? What became of the public sphere? Can the film theater — especially one closed to the general public — fill the role of a community consciousness-raising space? Featuring three experiments in cross-cultural discourse, the films in this program beg the question of just what the nature of dialogue is. 
The subsequent screenings on Oct. 20 and Nov. 3 are each $7. Find more details here.

The Anthology Film Archives is at 32 Second Ave. at Second Street.

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