Monday, February 7, 2022

For rent signs for the empty storefronts on the SW corner of 14th and 3rd

After nearly 10 years on the SW corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue, 5 Napkin Burger closed in mid-January ... joining sister restaurant Tamam Falafel, which shuttered at the end of 2021

You can't help but speculate about the future of this high-profile corner with single-story structures — seemingly ripe for development. (As mentioned before: Not sure what kind of air rights there might be with the newer 21-floor 110 Third Ave. on one side and NYU's 17-floor Palladium Hall on the other.)

Anyway, for now, there are low-key for-rent signs on both retail spaces...


Anonymous said...

Ten years??? Feels like just yesterday I was poopooing the arrival of this place. Tempus fugit.

Anonymous said...

When I went to an "open house" for an apartment at 110 Third Avenue a few years ago, the real estate broker said that the building owned the air rights to ALL the buildings directly NORTH of it (to the SW corner of 14th & Third) and therefore no other building could be put up to block the view. (The apartment I viewed was on the 9th floor, facing North.)

Further, in an article published the NY Times in March 2007 with the title "The Danger in the Fine Print," we find the following statement:

"Ms. McDonald said she skimmed the offering plan for the two-bedroom apartment at 110 Third that she and her fiancé, Brad Demuth, are buying. Mr. Demuth, a lawyer, read the plan more carefully, but they both relied on their real estate lawyer, Arthur Arschin, to find things they might have missed. And he did.

First, he explained that their apartment had lot-line windows, which means that if the neighboring lot is developed in the future, they will not only lose their view, but they will also be responsible for bricking up their windows. But further digging revealed that their views are protected because the air rights for the next-door lot have already been purchased."


On that basis, it would appear that the air rights to the shorter buildings that are North of 110 Third Avenue are already owned by 110 Third Avenue.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested, this place is available through FB Marketplace.