Friday, April 8, 2022


A message for the package thief here on Avenue B. 

Good morning! 

And thanks to the EVG reader for sharing this...


Anonymous said...

Imagine a lifelong thief looking for their next acquisition, preparing themselves for the exhilaration of the heist, then seeing a note like this. This will cause the thief to stop and ponder their behavior(past and present), their life choices, and they will reroute their life back on to the path of righteousness.
Thank you 172B for helping direct these misguided unhoused residents. A little guidance and direction is all that is needed and throw in some understanding while you're at it. A lot of unhoused residents do not have Id or CreditCards or even a mailing address how are they to receive their packages?
I would chalk this up to a misunderstanding and note that 172B used aggressive words/term that are visible to tenants of all ages. Shame on you.
The irony is that the package thief isn't that one that is f*d, but it is the author that is actually f*d.

MrNiceGuy said...

The EVGrumps are now taking funny signs way too seriously and drawing weird corollaries between package theft and homelessness?


Anonymous said...

Wow, quite presumptuous to assume the package thief is homeless. Way to go, blaming the homeless for every crime again.

As someone who relies on medical supplies being delivered, I agree with the author of the note.

Anonymous said...

Don’t even know what that first response is about, but the package thieves do need to go f*ck themselves!