Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bring out your poof and fist pumps for the Jersey Shore Pageant

Sidebar, a bar that no one you know ever goes to, is hosting a Jersey Shore Pageant Thursday night at 7 where you can show off your poof, fist pump, fake tan, blow out and what not. Sounds like any other night around... (Via ChiChi212)


esquared said...

and this is taking place in the ev because? oh...right, the b & t's.

carry on

Anonymous said...

This isn't the EV (but Irving Place doesn't need this stinkin' the block up either).

I'm too lazy/indifferent to be truly offended, but wtf is the "SitJEWation" about?

Also, as a former resident of the NJ coast I feel compelled to point out that none of those MTV hosebags are actually from NJ, let alone the shore.