Tuesday, January 12, 2010

John Penley has a message for any future Ray's tenants

Meanwhile, longtime East Village activist/photojournalist John Penley has a new message atop his photo blog:


glamma said...

here here!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. We should fight back, but NYC is always changing. It's impossible to try to stem the tide of change. If enough money is raised, maybe Ray can stay, but his future here, like mine, is fixed for a limited about of time. I hope things work out, but NYC has already been sold out. Huge neighborhoods where there was once character are now just corporate-owned chain malls. I think there was great strength in the community-building strategies from the 1960s and 1970s by West Village residents, which most New Yorkers seem to forget. There is a voice here in this city that is eight-million strong. Unfortunately, many of that eight million would welcome something new: a new Chelsea, a new Bowery, and new Times Square.

Anonymous said...

what if what moves into that space is an organization that donates money to the EV community?

what if what moves into that space is a small local owner based store of some sort whose kid needs money for a transplant or he will die?

holding future store owners responsible for Ray's lack of management skills seems just a bit hasty.