Tuesday, January 12, 2010


From a CNN/Money article titled Botox to vacations: Where bankers spend their bonuses.... As they note: After last year's dry spell, bonuses for top-level executives are expected to be sky high. Maybe even records." So what are they spending their money on?

Of course, the first status residence is in Manhattan, and bankers are already starting to check out the goods in advance of their windfall. They're putting up huge down payments, which has helped the $3 million to $5 million sector of the city's housing market to rebound, said Pamela Liebman, CEO of New York-based brokerage firm Corcoran.

At the low end, they can score a three-bedroom, two bath condo right on Central Park or a tony address on Fifth Avenue. The more adventurous poet-at-heart bankers can tap out buying a five-story Queen Anne on the Upper West Side or head to the once-bohemian East Village for two joined buildings that boast an owner's triplex with a stunning terrace -- and income-generating apartments and businesses below.


Ken Mac said...

Stunning terrace? Income generating apts? Outrageous rent for street level businesses? What about protection payoffs ? They're gonna need it.

glamma said...

no. stay away!

Goggla said...

They can pay an 18-27 year old model-type to parade around the apartment in her underwear.