Tuesday, February 2, 2010

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

Ray pays his January rent today (Neither More Nor Less)

Old Hell's Kitchen butcher becomes a — oh yeah! — Subway (Grub Street)

The roll-down gates of the East Village (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

More debate on Avenue D's luxury housing (The Lo-Down)

Remembering J.D. Salinger with a retro white T-shirt (Nonetheless)

Signs of life at new LES tiki bar (Eater)

One to do with those leftover shrimp heads (With Leftovers)

Selling 195 Bowery (BoweryBoogie)

More scary shit about ATM skimmers (BoingBoing)

Stromboli on First Avenue at St. Mark's Place has reopened following the addition...


Barbara Hanson said...

Recently saw skimmer being removed from Ave A Citibank. The employees had no idea how to do; I thought they were going to go after it with a sledgehammer.

East Village Feed said...

Hey EVG - I had it wrong, I thought they were taking Stromboli down! Why was Stromboli closed in the first place?


EV Grieve said...


Stromboli's was briefly closed while the sidewalk extension was being added...