Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey Gorilla Coffee staff -- a new East Village coffee shop wants to hire you

Well, it seems as if the news on this got going Friday with a tweet from 13th Street's Everyman Espresso (@EverymanNY) and then reported on by the good people at Fucked in Park Slope and Sprudge ... on Friday, just about the entire staff at Park Slope fave Gorilla Coffee resigned... (You can read more about it in Diner's Journal)

Anyway, late yesterday afternoon, our friends at East Village Feed picked up the following Craigslist posting:

Seeking former Gorilla Coffee employees (East Village)


Seeking former Gorilla Coffee baristas/roasters/coffee-house employees we are looking for you!

A brand new establishment in the heart of the East Village promising to pay top dollar to former employees of Gorilla Coffee (in Park Slope).

We would love to offer you a new opportunity at a new coffee house which promises fair management.

Please respond with a resume as well as the time period that you were employed at Gorilla.

Well, we're not aware of any new coffee shops opening anytime soon in the "heart of the East Village..." though there are several places under wraps that we have our eyes on... So, point being, this could be a fake, of course...

Oops. We totally forgot about the Film Academy Cafe opening in the former Astor Place Starbucks East location... Per a reader, those help wanted signs are now up there...


Melanie said...

I really hope these people get new jobs and hope they get them in the East Village which btw is way hipper than Park Slope. I can attest to that being from there. I don't see P.S. being number one ever except maybe the time my family lived there and my Dad was the family doctor making house calls and healing people.I preferred Brooklyn when it was Not considered hip or #1 (Joey you know what I mean).

pblee said...

THe New York Film Academy Cafe just put up "Experience Barista Wanted" signs out front. Poor spelling and all.
With umbrella tables on the patio, it looks like they're about to get up and running.

EV Grieve said...

Right! Thanks, pblee... I totally forgot about this place opening when I wrote the post last night...