Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

Why a 31-year veteran of the LES is moving to Iowa (The New York Times)

A class war in Little Italy? (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

Subway scenes from yesteryear (Stupefaction)

East River relocates to Houston and Allen? (Runnin' Scared)

Queens neighborhood where Jackie Robinson, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald and other prominent African-Americans lived now a historic district (Curbed)

Inside the new Italian cafe on East Houston near Norfolk (BoweryBoogie)

F Train woes this a.m. (Gothamist)

The return of Freddy's in Brooklyn (NYPress)

Staten Island Chuck sees early spring, doesn't bite Bloomy (NYPost)


Karate Boogaloo said...

I dig that piece about St Albans, Queens, from Curbed.

And by the way, congrats on being recognized by the Voice for best neighborhood blog. It took me a while to notice that you won that. Amazing!

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, KB!

Lisa said...

Those subway shots are absolutely amazing. Thanks for the link!

Padraig said...

Reason 31-year LES vet moving to Iowa: Wisconsin people too nice, getting on nerves